Integrate Gavel and LegalServer

Gavel for Legal Aid is a powerful integration between Gavel (formerly known as Documate) and LegalServer which will enable legal aid organizations to quickly generate legal documents with the client data saved in your case management system

Let's look at how your legal aid organization would benefit

The connection between Gavel (formerly known as Documate) and LegalServer will enable you to quickly generate documents that are shareable across both platforms. This reduces the need to manually populate documents and forms. Working within the same, intuitive platform, a click of a button will reduce complexity by enhancing efficiency.

Documate for Legal Aid offers question and document editing or customization in multiple formats. The answers gathered can be leveraged to exchange legal data across Gavel (formerly known as Documate) and LegalServer.

The integration across two powerful platforms reduces the need to manually fill out lengthy forms multiple times. Gathered data is shareable, enabling your legal practice to efficiently draft necessary documents, regardless of their size.

As a result of the seamless integration across multiple platforms, Documate for Legal Aid eliminates the need to conduct extra administrative reviews and data accuracy measures for each and every document you work with. Reliable data automatically transfers over from LegalServer to Documate, ensuring that your data quality standards are met.


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"Having a workable document automation program is great for new and experienced attorneys. For newer attorneys that aren't familiar with drafting documents, it's invaluable and provides a great working example for them. For experienced attorneys it allows us to work more efficiently when drafting and delegate document drafting to support staff."
Sara Palm
Attorney (Family Law)
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Filling in a Social Security client's information repeatedly on dozens of forms is tedious and simply not efficient. Document Automation saves a significant amount of time and stress.
Jenna Saverynski
Paralegal (Economic Justice)
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"Document Automation makes it much faster and easier to perform simple tasks like writing a letter to the local Social Security office – you no longer need to check for the right office, fill in the claimant’s SSN, look up the fax number, etc. Some of the forms also help us organize and analyze the most important casework information."
Tom Krause
Assistant Director of Litigation and Advocacy