What is Gavel for Legal Aid?

Gavel (formerly known as Documate), LegalServer, and A2J Tech are helping Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services integrate their case management system with their document automation solution to allow staff complete legal documents quickly and accurately.
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Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) discovered a source of strain in their daily legal practice: most of their attorneys' time was taken up by drafting legal document, rather than helping more and new clients. For a typical family law case, an attorney can compose twelve to twenty forms and an average divorce petition can take 2-3 hours to complete if all data must be typed in manually.
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In 2021, was awarded a Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) to integrate Gavel (formerly known as Documate), a document automation software, with their case management system ("CMS"). As a part of this project, Gavel will integrate directly with LegalServer, to quickly generate social disability, social security, and family law forms with pre-existing data in the CMS. These forms will be readily available for legal aid organizations across the country.
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Partnering with Gavel, LegalServer, and A2J Tech, SMRLS will be able to make casework more manageable and allows staff to complete forms quickly and accurately.

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What is a Technology Initiative Grant (TIG)?
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We will be sharing our automated Social Disability and Social Benefits forms with legal aid organizations nationwide. All of our Family Law forms are available to Minnesota legal aid organizations.

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